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The Queen Bee Market is coming soon!  

If your in the San Diego/Oceanside area on November 14 & 15

Please stop by to check it out!

Nov 14th from 4-9pm and Nov 15th 9-3pm

Click here for more details!

Hope to see you there!

Love,  Stacy Lynn

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Upcoming Spring Markets!

2014 Spring markets are coming up!

I have been sewing up a storm in my little studio.

New wallets, scarves, purses, earrings, headbands, cuffs and lots more!


May 2nd 4 to 9 pm and May 3rd 9 to 3 pm 

at the QLN Conference Center

1938 Avenida Del Oro

Oceanside, CA 92056

for more info check out thequeenbeemarket.


May 11th from 11 to 5 pm

at Jack London Square Market Building

55 Harrison,  Oakland, CA 94607

For more info check out Patchworkshow.

And a special shout out to my friends at the Stitch Market in San Luis!
I won't be attending their spring show this time... but if you are in the
San Luis area this coming Thursday, Friday or Saturday I highly
recommend checking this one out!
There are tons of great handmade treasures including jewelry, soap,
purses, home dec and other must have nick knacks! 
April 24th thru the 26th!
Check here for more info.

Hope to see you soon!

love, stacy lynn


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I came across these wonderful stripes while puttering around in one of my favorite fabric stores.

I just had to have these for the spring collection!

Sewing these up made me so happy..... all the colors and combos of flowers are endless!

Jersey is the perfect fabric to wear from winter to spring and even summer.

Plus they are too cute and are guaranteed to brighten up your day!


Navy and blue stripe!  

Blue, brown and yellow?  One of my favorite color combos.... (Is that because I grew up in the 70's)?

Brown and white will go with almost every outfit!

I think I saved the best for last!  Pinks and mauves?  Too cute!  Check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

love, stacy lynn


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Endeavors!

I am so excited about adding silk screened totes to the mix!

The Carpenter and I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now.

And the time is now!  YAY!


With so many cities going "plastic free" there is a need for more cute totes!

For the farmers market, grocery store and even regular shopping... 

you have to bring your own bag.


This is a wonderful movement going on.

We are learning that even a big city like San Francisco can put a ban on plastic bags.

And they are now trying to put a ban on plastic bottles!  

Go San Francisco!


Where does some of the plastic end up?

At the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, aka The Pacific Trash Vortex,

The Gyre, or Trash Island.  

There are endless names for these calm water gyres in the middle of 

the Pacific Ocean where tons of trash and plastic collect

Check out some scary photos here.

So this is one more reason to try and make something reusable AND cute!

Our first image started off with one of my favorite things...     A bicycle!

Our makeshift "green screen" (green tarp) was the perfect backdrop for the photograph.

The Carpenter worked his mad computer skills and darkroom screen magic.

He somehow got the bike to the screen.  I'm still not sure how he did this... 

Time to screen print!

My favorite part is pouring on the dark silky chocolate colored paint.

I am so excited to start using my new tote!

The straps are the perfect length so you can fill it up and carry it on your shoulder.

It is made in India out of sturdy 100% cotton canvas.

Hand screened in Santa Cruz, California!

Now available here in my shop!

Thanks for reading!

Stacy Lynn

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holiday 2013!

  YAY!  It's the 2013 Holiday Stitch Market!

They have made this one a 3 day show!

If your in the San Luis area any of these days please stop by!

This show is always full of amazing jewelry, crafts, vintage finds, soaps, accessories, snacks and more!

For more info click here

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashion Art

Fashion ART in downtown Santa Cruz is almost here!

Click here for more info.

I am sooo excited to be part of this event!

I will be joining their trunk show that evening that is before AND after the fashion show     

I can't wait to see all the designs, art and fashion all together!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 28th

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Trip to Auz

Australia in a nutshell.

Trying to fit a three week trip, 100's of photos all on one blog post is almost impossible.

So here goes...

There is a little place called Phillip Island in southern Australia... that feels more colonized by birds than people.

Known for its surf, beautiful beaches and mini Penguins,

it is also the home to my brother and sister in law..... and it's only a 14 hour short fricking long plane ride away!


The front doorstep.

Last time this was all boots and mud instead of sandals and sand.  I think I like this visit better already!

Each day starts with all the big questions...

What's for breakfast?   Where to surf and where to fish? What is the direction of the wind, tides and swell?

Then that is the way we would go.

Here... The Carpenter is in hog heaven.

Diving for abalone just down the street!


The catch of the day!

4 Australian Salmon (from the boat) 15 Abalone, 2 Flathead and 1 barracuda?

Let the cleaning begin... yuck!

An afternoon boat ride.

We brought all the necessities... wine, beer and some snacks.

We beached on a little sand spit that you can only walk on at low tide.

I'm so glad they didn't leave me there when I said "I could just stay here the whole time"

because it was all underwater on our way back!  Yikes!

Phillip Island has so many Nature Parks.

The Nature parks are constantly working on preserving the island.

The Koala Park,  The Penguin ParadeThe Nobbies and Churchill Island.

Making the natural habitats safe for Koalas, Penguins, sea lions and more. 

Other amazing locals are the Albatross who fly across the ocean, 

The Shearwaters who fly in by the hundreds protected by the nights sky and tumble 

into their burrows lining the sandy hills (they have terrible landing skills), 

Wallaby's bouncing among the tall grasses and bushes, and the odd sounds from the Kookaburras. 

These are all precious creatures that help make Phillip Island the amazing place it is.

This is definitely a beautiful sanctuary worth saving.  Keep up the good work Nature Parks!

This little guy was walking in front of us on the trail around Churchill island.

It was so funny to hear him "Baa..aah-ing" at us while waddling on his way.

Funny how he escorted us right up to the gift shop.. 

Wait a minute... does he work here too! 

O.k. so we left the island a couple times...

This time was to take a trip to the southern most point of Australia, a little camp trip to Wilson's Prom.

The drive out was amazing, checking out the mountains, valleys, all along a two lane windy road lined with trees.

Then there was that Ahh moment.

The one after a little hike up a slim, sandy path to the top lookout point... to this view.

Ahhhhhhh... we made it! And it's hot, hot, hot!  Into the water asap!

A little kayak trip up to one of the points.

Quiet, calm and amazing.  

All we can hear is the lapping of the ocean against the rocky hillside, the slaps

of our paddles on the water and the giggles here and there from sure

disbelief of where we are right now.  How can this be? 

Here is part of our campsite... and this is NOT how most Australians camp.

Their campsite would have a huge tent, refrigerator, a dog or two,

maybe an insane camper van with some sort of uber tent attached as a second story,

an awesome off road vehicle with big tires, an extra gas can and a water tank... 

And they would come for at least a week.... o.k. I'm exaggerating a smidge... but not really.

I really took notes on this one... they really have this camping thing figured out!

A day at the local beach.

Waiting for the tide to rise hopefully bringing in some little waves to play on.

Where are all the people?   

Now this is beach walking!

Go as long as you can go and turn around before your out of water and the sun starts to burn.

Walking along the beach by yourself with nobody in sight is an amazing feeling.

Sometimes creepy... but mostly amazing.

The only footsteps on this whole beach are yours.

How to make a garden table setting not so girly?   Just add screwdrivers!

Making dinner with The Carpenter, The Chef and our Auzzie-in-laws was always a treat.

Three weeks of grilled local fish, salads (with grilled Halloumi cheese of course), pizzas, cakes, 

breads, snacks, Tim Tam cookies, wine, spirits and much (too much) more!

Good by Australia.

Thanks for all the fun in the sun with family and friends.

Hope to get the chance to visit you again.

Thanks for reading,

love, stacy lynn

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's a ho-down!

Another year older... 

So we The Carpenter decided we should celebrate with a big party.

We have a very small house, so having all our favorite peeps here to help celebrate is pretty much impossible.

So an outside party it is.

The idea of laying hay all over the yard to help with the dirt/grass

problem was a great idea... especially because that made this party officially.. 

a Ho-Down!

Just in case of some weather deciding to show up, we had a big white tent delivered.  

That was perfect for stringing up lights and flower puffs.

It's not a party without lights!

Stacking 3 bails of hay together made perfect seating!

A few of my mother in laws quilts on top made them comfy and cute.

I have always wanted one of these cute water containers...

and this party was the perfect excuse to finally buy one!

Water, ice and freshly cut cucumbers... yum!

As friends and family started to arrive, some showed up with their own creative touches.

Like Kari's super cute candy display in beer mugs!

And Carol's cowboy boot flower displays!

These are her real boots.. she just put a vase in each with water and flowers.

LOVE these!!

I just can't get enough of these striped straws.

They just add instant fun to any party.

I just have to share these amazing salads from Chef Aaron.

He somehow... magically... had salmon, chicken, beef, three giant salads, 

beans (it's not a ho-down without canned beans) all done and ready at the same time!  

Pure magic if you ask me!  

Whew!  What a party!

Everyone was dressed up so cute!  Cowboy hats, jeans, suits, and lot's of boots!

Food, drinks, whiskey, music and dancing.. that was the best!

Thanks to those who came and thanks for reading...

love, stacy lynn

Monday, April 1, 2013

Having fun with Ombre

New ombre leather bags!

These have been on my "to do" list for over two years!

I finally took the time to finish the first one (the brown one) and move on to more colors.

Making leather bags out of old leather jackets has been fun for the past few years.

But I ended up with soooo many scrap pieces.

The colors are so bright, soft and amazing.. I just couldn't part with a single piece.

The color options are endless!

Ohhh I can't wait to make a green one.. that will be next!

Dark blue, light blue and suede?

My favorite style bag?

Well, it must have an adjustable strap, 

leather seems to last longer (and stay cleaner) than cloth,

a good medium size to fit almost everything... but not too much,

must be able to wear while riding my bike and durable enough for the beach.

Is that it?

I love hearing what other peoples favorite bag consists of.

While doing crafty shows in the past I would hear so many ideas from my customers.  "Must have an inside pocket...

must be closable.. must be durable, phone pockets, outside pockets, as many pockets as possible"!

I love making bags, and over the years I have been trying to figure out the "perfect bag".

My bag quest will always continue...

what is your favorite bag??

Thanks for reading, 

love, stacy lynn

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Baby Shower!

It's time for Amy's baby shower!

Marci is in charge of the food and my job was the decorations...

I needed some inspiration....  So I want to say a big THANK YOU to Etsy and Pintrest!

A few clicks on the ol computer and the ideas came pouring in!

I started with two colors I thought Amy would like.

We knew we were celebrating a new baby girl... but nothing too "girly".

So yellow and grey it is!

I know we have all seen these tissue paper flowers... but they are sooo cute and easy to make!  

You can hang them or just add them to the food table for a little filler and fluff.

Mason jars make the perfect flower vases.

They are sturdy and fit a nice size bouquet.

I added some fabric bows on each one cut out of some scrap fabric..... I love the raw edges!  

Not too shabby.

We had scones, rice crispy treats on sticks (with bows of course),

fruit, yummy croisant sandwiches, bean salad, mini pies, cheese and crackers and of course


And cupcakes!

New baby girl arrived March 16th! 

Congratulations Amy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sustainable Fashion!

I am so excited to share some new creations I have been working on...

exclusively for! is such a wonderful online company who base out of Arizona.

Their vision?  Sustainable fashion.  

They seek change in the big world of fashion.

They are environmental, design with a purpose and educate through their business practices.

They work with artisans from around the globe.

In other words... they rock!

Collaborating on design ideas with them has been such a learning experience.

All the fabrics I use have to be "dead stock" or remnants.

It is a challenge to search out the right colors, at the right price in the perfect quantities.

Somehow we come up with some fun stuff!

Like these infinity scarves!

These are now available in their shop, along with amazing hand knitted hats, scarves and gloves.  

Headbands, scarves, necklaces and bags.... Ohhhh the bags are amazing!

And it is all handmade from resourceful materials!

Cuffs, bracelets, rings, pins, wallets and the list goes on.

If you have time.. check it out...

We all love fashion... but these days it is smart to know where it comes from.  

Trying to buy local, recycled, handmade, eco-friendly is hard (and sometimes more expensive).

 But hopefully it is the little decisions along the way will make a big difference.

Thanks for reading!

Love, stacy lynn


Out and About Page

Here is Linsday from LeeLaLa.

She is wearing my black jersey full skirt.

I love how she paired it with wedges and a brown belt!


Here is Kelly from According-to-Kelly

I love how she paired cute green flats with one of 

my floral full skirts.  Too cute Kelly!

Here is Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy wearing a white ruffle cuff.  

I just love all her cute outfits she posts on What I Wore Wednesday.


outfits 201116-2.jpeg

 April from Funky Vintage Lovely in a yellow full skirt.  

She is so creative and sweet!

Here April is wearing a jersey full skirt in grey and white stripe.

 Meagan from Fairlyfabulous is looking fabulous
wearing an adjustable jersey dress in grey and ivory stripe!

 Here is Meagan again wearing one of my jersey full skirts in teal.
 Love the belt!!