New Shops!

Cowgirl Winery

25 Pilot Road, Carmel Valley, CA  

check website for more info

Located in the beautiful Carmel Valley!  Whats better than wine and shopping??

Currently carrying lots of recycled leather tassels, fold over clutches and more!

Ragged Point 

19019 hwy 1, Ragged Point, CA  

Check website for more info

This cute boutique is right on the cliff at the lower end of the beautiful Big Sur Coast 

in California.  You can spend the night with an ocean view, hike, eat AND shop!

Currently carrying... key pouches, tassels, zip bags, fold over clutches and wrist clutches

and they also stocked up on anders copper cuffs!

Cambria Ocean Drifter

614 Main Street, Cambria, CA

Here's their website for more info

This cute shop is right on the West end of the charming downtown Cambria.

This is a yoga studio/boutique with a great collection of jewelry, candles, gifts and more!

Currently carrying zip bags, zip pouches, totes, fold over clutches, tassels and earrings!

They also have my hubby Anders copper cuffs in stock!


Sparrow Collective

2224 Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI

check here for details

Currently carrying key pouches, zip pouches and small wrist clutches!

The Attic

710 My Way, San Diego, CA

check their facebook page here

Currently carrying... small and med wrist clutches, key pouches and zip bags!

Brickwood Boutique

2603 Thornton Ln, Temple, TX

check their facebook page here

Currently carrying lots and lots of "fleather" earrings!!

I will update more shops soon!

Thanks for reading..

love, Stacy Lynn